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The following information pertains to the Cash account of the Vader Corporation for the month of October 2007:

Bank Statement

Balance, October 31      $22,639.54

Service charge for October  $10

NSF check returned with October bank statement 4.50

Note Recievable collected by bank not recorded on books $1500

Interest on note collected by bank not previously on the books 50.0


Balance, October 31 ?

Cash on hand awaiting deposit    $1,874.18

Outstanding Checks:

#257        $42,17

#271         19.19

#272          80.82                           $ 142.18

Deposits in transit                         $2,220.90


1. What is the cash balance per book before adjustment as of October 31, 2007?

2. Prepare the adjusting entries to update the cash balance.

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