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This assignment provides practice in writing a basic forensics report.


For this assignment, you will research and discuss the following topics and questions regarding the basics of computer forensics:

  • A key forensic principle is maintaining the integrity of collected evidence. This is very difficult, however, because of how volatile digital evidence can be. What steps do we take with digital evidence to maintain proof of its integrity through an investigation? Explain in a paragraph why each step of the forensic analysis process should be followed.
  • Discuss some of the types of evidence you might collect as part of digital forensics, and why digital evidence is considered so volatile.
  • Discuss the value of the timeline as part of your forensic analysis. Is it more or less difficult to create a good forensic timeline as part of a computer forensic investigation? Why?
  • What attitude do we have when we approach our collected evidence for analysis? What is the most important aspect of our attitude toward our evidence in relation to our investigation?
  • What are some common mistakes that might be made during a forensic investigation, and how might they be avoided?
  • How can the knowledge, skills and attitudes learned in this course apply to your chosen career?
  • At the end of the report list definitions for some of the common forensic terms used in your report.
  • Proper citations should be included in this report. (Use whatever citation method that has been determined by your instructor.)


3-5 page written report using APA style formatting

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