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Health and Wellness Report

There will be one 3-4 page health and wellness report on
a contemporary health topic chosen by the instructor demonstrating your
knowledge, skills, and ability to understand the contemporary health
topic from this course into real life situations. The paper must include

will select a contemporary health topic from a list of approved topics
that they wish to examine, and develop as a brief program/service by
researching the topic to identify the purpose of the intervention,
population to serve, the uses, benefits, goals and objectives, program
description, activities, and evaluation strategies, and possible
challenges. In addition please discuss how you plan to evaluate the
successes or failures of such a plan of action and provide results. The Paper must follow the guidelines listed below…….

The Topic is: Sugar and whether or not we should eliminate it from our diet.

Paper must have:

1)  Title page: Include name, title of paper, course, and date.

2)  Introduction: should introduce to the contemporary health issue/ topic (5 points).

Evaluation of Information: should evaluate resource materials for
accuracy, relevance, and timeliness for identified health strategies (15

4)  Conclusions and Recommendations: should project the impact of the proposed changes (10 points).

Discussion: should identify and discuss projected, suspected or current
stakeholders and conflict of interests if any (5 points).

6)  Grammar, Spelling, and APA citations (5 points).

******I need this assignment by 2:30pm Central Standard Time October 30th, 2015*****

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