Case Study #2- Division of Water

Case Study: Division of Water Resources
For this writing assignment due at the end of Week 5, write a short (approximately 4 page, double-spaced) paper reflecting on the case study “Division of Water Resources.” This assignment prompts you to apply aspects of the organizational theories we have studied in the course to date, and especially this week.
Think specifically about the dilemma facing Roberta, the manager of the Water Planning Division for the County of Santa Clara Rose, California. She is at a turning point where she needs to thoughtfully resolve her staff’s concerns about performance evaluations and bonuses. Roberta recognizes that how she handles this situation has broader impacts for her credibility with her staff.
Write a memo to Roberta, helping her analyze the situation and recommending some key principles to consider that will help her resolve the challenges she is facing. You may find the following a helpful framework for your paper:  
1. Consider the underlying problems that may have given rise to the dilemma she is facing. Why have workers been depressed after merit awards were given out in the past? Draw upon the theories and concepts covered in the course to date.
2. Think next about how course theories and concepts might guide Roberta in managing this challenge.  Analyze for her principles or concepts that should inform her thinking, and identify goals for resolving this situation.
3. Consider the risks and challenges she might face as she seeks to fulfill her goals for resolving this dilemma. What are the greatest risks? How might she overcome those risks and challenges? Again, use course concepts to help guide your thinking.
4. Based on your analysis above, identify at least three things Roberta could do to resolve the dilemma related to merit awards. Again, use course concepts to help you analyze principles to guide Roberta in resolving this issue.  Do NOT simply tell me who you think should earn the merit increase. 
As you write your paper, build upon the theories we have studied in the course to date, with a particular focus on the readings for this week. Refer to specific theories, concepts or principles from the text, and be sure to show how your analysis and recommendations for Roberta build upon course concepts.
This essay is a formal writing assignment and will be graded as such. See the “Writing Resources” and “Grading Rubrics” links on the left hand side of your menu for guidance about how to structure your paper, and cite your sources in APA format.
Include a cover page and include a full reference page and proper APA parenthetical citations. You do NOT need an abstract. Submit your paper through the assignment submission link toward the bottom of the page.


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