Climate change helps make Hurricane Ian stronger

hUrican Ian is rapidly gaining massive strength as it moves over oceans that have warmed in part due to climate change, just like 30 other tropical storms in the Atlantic since 2017 that have gotten stronger in less than a day. Scientists say that as the world warms, this turbocharging of storms is likely to … Read more

White House seeks $35 million to help Ukraine with nuclear accidents

aRussia has increased its threats to the blockaded Ukrainian nuclear power plants, and the Biden administration has asked Congress to allocate $35 million to prepare for a possible nuclear accident in Europe. The money will allow the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) to “prepare and respond to potential nuclear and radiological accidents in Ukraine,” according … Read more

Why is syphilis rising in the United States and what are the symptoms

sForeign-borne infections are on the rise in the United States — particularly syphilis, which increased 26% from 2020 to 2021, according to preliminary data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) published in September. Particularly alarming is the 24% increase during that time period for congenital syphilis, which infects fetuses in the … Read more

Countries get final approval to build a charging network for electric vehicles on highways

WASHINGTON – Attention, potential car buyers: New electric car charging stations are on their way to highway locations near you. All 50 states received final approval Tuesday to begin construction on the first national network of electric vehicle charging stations that will place one approximately every 50 miles (80 kilometers) along interstate highways, part of … Read more

How is racism integrated into the American history books?

aWhen there is a national debate about critical race theory and how many of America’s worst moments should be taught in American schools, a new book seeks to provide some context for how history textbooks have traditionally focused on the experiences of white Americans and downplayed the importance of those of black Americans. in Teaching … Read more

Will a lawsuit stop the amnesty for Biden’s student loan?

a A conservative legal organization has launched its first legal challenge to President Biden’s plan for student debt forgiveness, calling the policy “blatantly illegal” because it is not authorized by Congress. Biden’s plan would eliminate the student loan debt of 20 million borrowers, and reduce the debt of an additional 23 million, but the lawsuit … Read more