The Finnish Prime Minister apologizes for the party’s photo at the official residence

COPENHAGEN, Denmark – Finland’s prime minister has apologized after publishing a photo showing two women kissing and posing topless at the country’s leader’s official summer residence. The image emerged after a video clip showed Prime Minister Sanna Marin dancing and singing with her friends, sparking debate over whether the 36-year-old prime minister had the right … Read more

Biden’s Plan for More Police Won’t Make America Safer

TThe “War on Crime” is the most lost, most expensive, and longest-running war in American history. This coordinated attack on the country’s poorest communities has locked tens of millions of people into cages with deadly long-term health consequences, killed at least 31,000 people directly at the hands of police, and spent trillions of dollars on … Read more

Florida Crest Democrats Choose to Challenge DeSantis

MIAMI – US Representative Charlie Crist won the Democratic nomination for governor of Florida on Tuesday, challenging Governor Ron DeSantis this fall in a campaign the Republican president sees as a first step toward a potential White House administration. In choosing Crest, Florida Democrats sided with a candidate supported by many in the party establishment … Read more