Colorado Technical University Online Action Research Project Discussion


Response Guidelines

Read the posts of your peers and respond to at least two. In each response, focus on potential obstacles within your peer’s project development plan and provide helpful feedback for addressing them. Suggest options for your peer to move the research into cyclic motion.

Student post down below:

This assignment requires creating a checklist that will be used when developing the action research project for these HMSV8110 assignments. The program being used is the Juvenile Justice System Second Chance in partnership with the RBC Second Chance program. The programs work with local schools to help stem the school-to-prison pipeline, helping youth at risk for expulsion or facing consequences from the juvenile justice system (Capella media, n.d.).

The steps involved are identifying the population to be helped, gathering a team to help collect and analyze the data. Developing a research question that will help narrow down the type and amount of data needed for the research project, also deciphering how the data will be collected and stored for processing are things to consider. Also, when working with the participants the researcher must get informed consent from participants and respect the confidentiality of those involved.

According to Stringer (2013)., Understanding what the problem is, whom it is problematic for, and how the stakeholders perceive the situation(pg.99) are beneficial when planning, conducting, and charting the results of the action research so all parties involved can visualize the extent of the situation and possible results.


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