CTC Carolinas Health Care System Integration Case Study


Cases studies provide a platform for you, as the student, to critically think through the respective scenario and develop responses vs. just memorizing material for an exam. Thus, you will be responsible for reading the assigned module case study and provide a narrative response to each of the required writing prompts described below:

This assignment is to be in APA format, 12-point font, double spaced, and include proper intext and reference page citations. At a minimum, you must have five (5) peer reviewed journal citations.

Writing prompts to be addressed in each case study assignment

Part 1 :

  • Introduction to the case
  • Major facts presented in the case
  • What inferences can be deduced from the facts you have presented
  • Part 2:

  • What concepts, from with the case study, can be aligned to Kotter’s change theory? For this question focus on kotter steps 7 and 8. Provide multiple examples.
  • What stages of Kotter’s change theory could/should have been better developed leaders of the respective
  • organization? Why?

    Part 3:

  • What possible solutions can you provide to the problems you have previous described in Parts 1 and 2?
  • Provide details for each of your possible solutions.


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