Dreaming of A More Socially Just World Letter


Analytical Paper #3

Dreaming of A More Socially Just World Letter

(2-3 pages, double spaced)


At this point in the semester you have analyzed various social issues and how they intersect with different systems of oppression. You have also witnessed various groups resist these systems and imagine that another, more socially just world, is possible. In this final analytical paper, I would like you to write a letter to a loved one (could be someone alive right now, an ancestor who passed away, or someone not yet born) about your dreams for social change. Your letter should address the following:

(4 points for responding to each question- subheadings not needed- let it flow like a letter, but make sure to address each question)

What is the kind of world you imagine your loved one to live or have lived in? 

  1. In this imagined future, how does the landscape look like? What does it smell/taste like? What do we eat? How do we pass the time? How do we feel in our bodies? 

  2. What opportunities are available to children, adults, and the elderly? How do we treat the land and animals?

  3. What systems are dismantled and which ones are built? What would we no longer have to worry about?

  4. What is fatalism and what is at risk if we succumb to it?

  5. In what ways have we started building toward these futures in our everyday practices? What can we do in our day to day lives to build a more loving and socially just world?

Your letter should start like this:


Dear [person’s name/or their role in your life (future child, grandma, etc.)],

And end like this:




[your name]


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