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 I need help with two questions please.  All work needs to be shown. 

12-4) Maggie’s Muffins, Inc.
generated $5,000,000 in sales during 2013, and its year-end total assets were
$2,500,000.  In addition, at year-end
2013, current liabilities were $1,000,000 consisting of $300,000 of notes
payable, $500,000 of accounts payable, and $200,000 of accruals. 

Looking ahead to 2014, the company
estimates that its assets must increase at the same rate as sales, its
spontaneous liabilities will increase at the same rate as sales, its profit
margin will be 7%, and its payout ratio will be 80%. 

How large a sales increase can the company
achieves without having to raise funds externally- that is, what is its
self-supporting growth rate? 

12-6) The Booth
Company’s sales are forecasted to double from $1000 in 2013 to $2000 in
2014.  Here is the December 31, 2013,
balance sheet: 

Cash  $100                                                           Accounts payable  $  50

Accounts receivable  200 
                                           Notes payable  150

Inventories  200                                                                       Accruals  50

Net fixed assets  500                                                   Long-term debt  400

                                                                                     Common stock  100

                                                                                Retained earnings 

Total assets  $1000                                   Total liabilities and equity $1000

Booth’s fixed assets were used to
only 50% of capacity during 2013, but its current assets were at their proper
levels in relation to sales.  All assets
except fixed assets must increase at the same rate as sales, and fixed assets
would also have to increase the same rate if the current excess capacity did
not exist.  Booth’s after-tax profit
margin is forecasted to be 5% and its payout ratio to be 60%.  What is Booth’s additional funds needed (AFN)
for the coming year? 

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