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The assignment this week is to
collect quantitative data for a minimum of 10 days from ONE of your
daily activities. Some examples of data collection include:

  • The number of minutes you spend studying every day.
  • The time it takes to cook meals each day.
  • The amount of daily time spent talking on the phone.
  • The amount of time you drive each day.

In a paper (1–3 pages), describe the
data you are going to collect and how you are going to keep track of the time.
Within the paper, incorporate the concepts we are learning in the module,
including (but not limited to) probability theory, independent and dependent
variables, and theoretical and experimental probability. Discuss your
predictions of what you anticipate the data to look like and events that can
skew the data.  Collect data for at least 10 days.  Include at
least 3-5 days of data with your SLP 1 submission.  Continue collecting
data for the remaining days for use in SLP 2.  Do you think the data
will provide a valid representation of these activities? Explain why or why

Submit your paper at the end of
Module 1. Future SLP assignments depend on this data and thus this assignment
needs to be completed early in the session.

Assignment Expectations

Answer all questions posted in the
instructions. Use information from the modular background readings and videos
as well as any good-quality resource you can find. Cite all sources in APA
style and include a reference list at the end of your paper.

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