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Question 1

old notion that you can drive a belief into a man at the point of a
bayonet is in force once more.  It is quite as foolish to think that if
militarism is an idea and an ideal, it can be changed and crushed by
counter-militarism or by a bayonet charge.  And the young men in these
various countries say of the bayonet charges: ‘That is what we cannot
not think of.’ We heard in all countries similar statements in regard to
the necessity of the use of stimulants before men would engage in
bayonet charges—that they have a regular formula in Germany, that they
give them rum in England and absinthe in France; that they all have to
give them ‘dope’ before the bayonet charge is possible.  Well, now,
think of that.

one knows who is responsible for the war; all the warring nations are
responsible, and they indict themselves.  But in the end human nature
must reassert itself.  The old elements of human understanding and human
kindliness among them must come to the fore, and then it may well be
that they will reproach the neutral nations and will say: ‘What was the
matter with the rest of the world that you kept quiet while this
horrible thing was happening, and our men for a moment had lost their
senses in this fanaticism of national feeling all over Europe?’” (Jane
Addams, 1915, “The Revolt Against War,” The Survey, 34 (July 17), p. 359).

The conclusion of the above argument appears to be implied.  It is best reconstructed by which of the following statements?

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