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hello, how are you? I hope everything is going well with you? I have discussion questions I need to answer. Just answer brief answers don’t make it long. I’ve uploaded pages from the book to help you. theses are the questions.

Ch. 1

In your opinion, why do we have to understand culture? Give an example from your experience about a situation where you needed to understand a different culture.

Ch. 2

As artifacts are definitely a part of a person’s, group of person’s, or a society’s culture, they must be viewed with certain perspective to see how the artifacts actually relate to the given culture.  When not seen in proper context, these artifacts can misrepresent certain ideas about one’s cultural norms and values.  What are some artifacts from your home, family, or society that may be misrepresented from the viewpoint of others?

Ch. 3

In this chapter there are two case examples given: DEC’s Cultural Paradigm: Part One & Part Two

Question: Based upon the ten interlocking assumptions, what TWO assumptions do you agree with most in terms of problem solving and decision making?

Chapter 4: Macro cultures,subcultures, and Micro cultures 

Question: After reading about cultures and subcultures, what is the significance of structural analysis in terms of culture?

discussion 1.pdf discussion 2.pdf discussion 3.pdf discussion 4.pdf discussion 5.pdf discussion 6.pdf discussion 7.pdf discussion 8.pdf discussion 9.pdf 

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