Solved Assignments Media/Literature and identification/Representation

Your answers should be in ONE file in either Word or PDF format, in 12-point size font, double-

spaced, using one of the following print fonts:
Times New Roman
Put your name and student number in the top right-hand corner of the first page of the file, and
number the pages.
Answer ONE question from Part A, Part B, and Part C. Structure each answer in essay form
around a central thesis (except Question #B5). Record the number of the question to be
answered. All questions are of equal value. Students are to write at least 500 words per answer.
Please cite your sources in MLA format. All sources must consist of class materials; however,
students may include examples not discussed in class.
Discuss what Marshall McLuhan meant by his phrase “the medium is the message”, and
relate his idea to how the web and digital media shape our consciousness today.
Throughout twentieth-century history and beyond, Canadian identity has remained
elusive. Discuss how Canadian representations in popular culture have tackled this
problem in at least two of the following: Ins Choi’s Kim’s Convenience, CBC drama, or
various Canadian visual artists (painters, etc.)
Popular culture is “a shifting and contested arena of power. Commercial culture was an in
your-face challenge to the Arnoldian guardians of ‘Culture’ at the same time as it eroded
the tradition and politics of the working class.” Discuss this statement in relation to the
history of leisure and sport in nineteenth- and early twentieth-century Canada.
*please write accordingly to the documents which I provide in files or I will directly sent you in the message*

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