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In the Project Proposal assignment (also called Project Scope Assignment) you will need to explain, in two to three pages of double spaced text (500-900 words), how you intend to limit the scope of your paper. The Project Scope Statement should carefully describe the parameters of your paper and the data you will or might use. These parameters should include such considerations as the time frame covered, the geographical limits, and other factors that may be relevant such as the range or kinds of people, organizations, ideologies, and any other categories that would help the reader understand the boundaries of your project. In other words, explain how you are going to treat your topic.

Describe the following regarding your topic in two to three well written pages:

  • what is your topic
  • what aspect of that topic will be your focus
  • your question about the topic
  • the scope of your topic in terms of geography (such as only one nation or a region or the entire world)
  • a finite period of time you will examine
  • primary sources you will use (here be specific in terms of where you will find them. Rather than simply saying “the Internet” or an archive, name the digital database. Name the archive.)
  • what is new about your approach. Specifically, identify the arguments that have already been made or the approaches that have already been taken, and clearly articulate what is new about your proposed project. In other words, will this project use new evidence? If so, what new evidence? Will this project use an approach that has never been used with this topic? If so, what approach? Will this project make an original argument? If so, how will this argument be different from existing arguments? In other words, what new thing will this project contribute to the discourse on this topic?
  • what historical approach you will use (review your History 289 materials for these), and any other information that will give us an idea of where you are planning to take us with your completed project.

One note about historical approaches: political history and military history are not historical approaches, they are sub-fields of history. So pick your historical approaches from the following: Empiricism, Materialism (Marxist, class-based, and Economic History), the Social Science approaches, the New Social and New Cultural Histories, Gender, and the “posts” (Postmodern, Poststructural, and Postcolonial).

Be sure to include a conclusion that summarizes the parameters, access to primary sources, what is new about your topic, and your historical approach.

For your Annotated Bibliography Assignment, you need to produce an annotated bibliography of at least seven (7) primary sources and eight (8) secondary sources related to your topic (you can include more and more is better). As always, a high A is above and beyond what is required, so be thinking in numbers above and beyond 7 primary and 8 secondary sources. You should title this assignment “Annotated Bibliography” (centered at the top of the bibliography).

The bibliography page should follow the models in Chicago/Turabian for form of entries and general page layout. In your annotations, you should write 3 to 5 sentences about each source in which you explain why it is primary or secondary and other information. For primary sources, also describe what factual material this source contains and how you will use it in your supporting points of your final paper. For secondary sources, you should also note that the secondary source is part of your historiography section and write a one or two sentence definition of the thesis of the secondary source.

Put all of the sources in one annotated bibliography; do not divide them into primary and secondary sources as your annotation will tell me what type of source they are. Remember that annotations are formatted like a regular paragraph with the first line indented, but the other lines at the left margin. Your bibliographic forms should be those based on the Chicago/Turabain style that you learned in History 309 (see the links in the Week 2 readings).

Here is an example of an annotated bibliographic entry:

Nash, George P.B., ed. Nelson’s Letters to His Wife and Other Documents 1785-1831.

Navy Records Society, 1958.

This source contains a collection of the letters of Admiral Horatio Nelson to his wife

and others. These letters are primary sources as they were written during the event (I’m

only using the letters from the 1790s to 1805). As Admiral Nelson was a very observant

naval officer, these sources will help me understand what an intelligent naval officer

noted and observed in terms of the treatment of British seamen and any hints of

lingering revolutionary ideas.

Submit your Project Proposal and your Annotated Bibliography as one file via the Submission – Upload button at the bottom of this page. Your assignment should be submitted as a Word file (.doc or .docx). The project proposal / scope assignment and the annotated bibliography assignment are each worth up to 50 points (5%) of your final grade. As LEO allows me only one grade entry for this assignment, I will combine your two grades for up to 100 overall points (worth 10% of your final grade).

Helpful Notes and Assignment Requirements:

Your Project Proposal should be the same one you submitted in History 309. Take that assignment and make the revisions your professor noted. Also make sure that you have included all of the sections that this assignment requires you to include (like your revised topic question from the Week 1 conference).

Your Annotated Bibliography should be constructed from the primary source Annotated Bibliography and the Library Project assignments that you submitted in History 309. Merge these two bibliographies into one. Your primary sources will be the ones you included in your Project Proposal & Annotated Bibliography assignment in History 309. You will probably have to add more primary sources (so that you have at least seven). Your secondary sources are those that you included in your Library Project assignment in History 309. For your secondary sources, you will have to revise the annotations. Rather than how you found each secondary source (which was the required annotation from the Library Project in History 309), I want you to rewrite the annotation so that it notes that the source is secondary and therefore part of your historiography section, and a one or two sentence definition of the secondary source’s argument as it relates to your project (you can get each secondary source’s thesis from your Survey Paper assignment from History 309). Remember that you will be using secondary sources in your paper’s historiography section (which will come from your revised survey paper), and not as your main supporting points to prove your thesis as your own argument needs to be based on primary sources. If you are using a couple of secondary sources as background material in your supporting points, note that in your annotations, but you will still need to base the core of your paper’s argument on at least seven primary sources. Remembering the Circleville Massacre (Summer 2016) | Utah Division of State History


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